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circular headshotJosh Jacobs created Freefilliate to teach affiliate marketing strategies. Many people have done this before so he took it a step further. He designed this system to allow users to plug in their own affiliate links to earn money from referring others.

Josh has been an affiliate marketer since 2010. He used the little resources he had in college to create his own affiliate marketing business which he still runs today. Josh’s strategies and work ethic helped him become the fifth most revenue-producing affiliate out of over 40,000 in one of his partnered companies. He was responsible for over $1M in revenue before graduating from college.

Most recently, Josh was hired by a giant tech company in San Francisco to develop new partnerships and pioneer a new offering to the marketplace. He executed the first deal of its kind for the company which involved including their services in a third-party company’s subscription plan.

Now Josh is sharing his strategies to help people achieve their affiliate marketing goals.